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        About us

        The sales and technical team of shenzhen veleda electronics co., LTD. Has entered the electronics industry since 1996, and has rich industry knowledge and experience. Now it is the first-level agent authorized by many famous manufacturers of electronic components (ISOCOM, MCC, LIGHT IN MOTION, CENTRALSEMI, niko-sem , HKC, UTC, COMCHIP, GULFSEMI, NETSOL...
        ), special distribution (NXP, ONSEMI, VISHAY, lite-on, LITTELFUSE, BROADCOM, AVAGO, FAIRCHILD, TI...
        ), a complete variety: optocoupler /MOS tube/two-triode/chip/memory FLASH, SDRAM/ crystal oscillator/fuse and other electronic materials one-stop supply.
        The service is widely used in various production fields, providing original packaging products at the same time, veleta electronics is more competitive with its peers in price.
        In addition, shenzhen wei lida electronic relying on its own strong technical capability, set up an embedded system research and development department, specializing in well design and development of pu NXP semiconductors MCU embedded solutions and products, to meet the needs of more customers, our solutions and products have been in the forefront of industry technology, more and more customers have to enjoy our technical service.

        Weileda electronics has a perfect, stable and flexible supply process, no matter it is a retail or a multi-piece wholesale, we can always cooperate flexibly to ensure the normal production requirements of manufacturers.
        Material, at the same time, the company has specialized engineers, material for our customers to provide solutions, at the request of the customer to recommend the best cost-effective electronic components, help customers to reduce the electronic material cost as far as possible, make customer product improve the competition power, let the customer occupy the first position in the industry, to customers in cooperation with the company to achieve win-win situation.

        With the aim of "high quality talents, informationized management", shenzhen veleda electronics makes the best use of its talents through efficient management mode, and with an excellent team, continuously creates one good performance after another.
        Excellent corporate culture, sound management system, lean business team and long-term development strategy have laid a solid foundation for the company's development.
        We will continue to carry forward the spirit of "integrity, professionalism, yongji", as always wholeheartedly to provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory service, and create brilliant development with friendly colleagues.
        Through cooperation with world-class customers, our professional ability and service concept have been further improved, and our ability to meet the needs of customers and adapt to the market is more mature, which has laid a solid foundation for the global business development.
        We sincerely hope that we can get more support from old and new customers and develop with many excellent enterprises.

        • Resistor
        • Capacitor
        • Crystal
        • Inductor
        • Diode
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